Top 10 beaches for swimming in Mauritius

Wannabe Olympian or trepidatious toe-dipper? Whatever kind of swimmer you are, there’s a beach for you in Mauritius. Here’s our top 10…

Trou aux Biches

trou aux biches

Trou aux Biches beach is one of the best in Mauritius, with great conditions for both swimming and snorkelling. The water is clear, shallow and calm, with gently shelving sands, making it ideal for families. You’ll also find some easily accessible street food stands, and a string of cafes and restaurants along the coast road.

Belle Mare Plage

constance belle mare plage

Early riser? If so, the stunning east coast beach of Belle Mare Plage is an amazing place for a cool dawn dip as the sun comes up – and throughout the whole day. Less confident swimmers should bear in mind that currents can sometimes be a little stronger here than elsewhere on the island. It can also be breezier at times – great if you want to try your hand at windsurfing too.

Photo: Constance Belle Mare plage

Ile aux Cerfs

ile aux cerfs

Tropical idyll Ile aux Cerfs is a fun-packed island for the whole family, though it does tend to get very busy at the weekend. Here, you can take part in almost any water-based activity you can think of, so stroll further along the beach if you’re looking for emptier waters to splash about in. It’s a great destination for some laid-back snorkelling in the lagoon, too.


mum and kid beach

Lying between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, the northern beach at Pereybere is very popular with locals, especially during school holidays when children of all ages like to hang out and play sports. The water here is deeper than at many other beaches on the island, but still very calm. Bring a mask and snorkel too if you can – the crystal clear waters provide excellent views of the marine life and corals.

Flic en Flac

Flic en flac beach

The west coast’s Black River region is home to Flic en Flac beach – a stunning stretch of talcum-white sand sloping into seemingly endless shades of blue water. The west coast location and proximity to beachfront bars make this a dazzling choice for a multicoloured sunset swim, followed by a laid back sundowner or two.

Blue Bay Beach


Down in the island’s south east corner, Blue Bay Beach is home to the kind of pale aquamarine water that lures people from all around the world. Another spot that’s fantastic for both swimming and snorkelling, the ocean here harbours a wealth of marine life and is one of the best places in Mauritius to feel at one with nature.

Mont Choisy

mont choisy beach

Back up in the north west, Mont Choisy is one of the longest beaches in Mauritius and another hugely popular weekend destination – so pay a visit during the week to have it mostly to yourself. The gently curving bay is defined by its shallow turquoise waters and backdrop of casuarina trees, perfect for sheltering under after a relaxing dip in the ocean.

Le Morne

le morne beach

Down on the peninsula in the southwestern corner of Mauritius is the stunning public beach of Le Morne, backed by the imposing monolith of Le Morne mountain. Though the lagoon is normally associated with windsurfers, kiteboarders and surfers it’s perfectly possible to swim here too – just be aware of all the sporting activity going on around you.

La Cuvette

starfish mauritius

Up in Grand Bay, tiny La Cuvette is a tucked-away jewel and the shortest beach on our list. At just 80 metres in length, the beach still manages to offer some hidden coves, rocky boulders and cliffs, a snack stand or two, and lots of tranquillity. Great for those who like to take their dips in relative solitude.

La Cambuse


If you’re an adventurous type and a strong swimmer, try and make time for a trip to beautiful La Cambuse public beach, one of the island’s most undiscovered spots. Located just to the east of the airport, this serene expanse of powdery white sand and inviting clear water is great for an invigorating dip, but is slightly deceiving: the currents here can be very strong, so it’s for confident, competent swimmers only.

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  3. Have swum at seven of these beaches – will be back next year to add the rest to our list!

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