Top art galleries in Mauritius

For a remote Indian Ocean island just 65km long, Mauritius has more than its fair share of art and culture, supported by an abundance of galleries across the island. We take a look at some of the best art galleries in Mauritius, and what you can expect to see.

Seebaluck Art Gallery and Galerie Raphael

Seebaluck, the largest gallery in Mauritius, is located in Pointe aux Cannoniers and features one of the most diverse collections on the island. Here you’ll find prints and paintings across multiple styles, from impressionism to abstract works. Both local and international artists are featured, with scenes of Mauritian landscapes, flora and fauna strongly represented. At the same location, Galerie Raphael focuses on high quality replica model ships built by specialist craftspeople. These are a traditional Mauritian art form and make excellent souvenirs.

3A The Excellence of Art

Island of lights

At Ruisseau Créole in Black River, 3A features contemporary works spanning the disciplines of painting, sculpture and photography. Recent solo exhibitions have included figurative works by Nes Rodriguez and atmospheric paintings by Zimbabwe-born artist Simon Back. And more recently, in conjunction with AfrAsia World of Art, the gallery unveiled the Mauritius-inspired work ‘Island of Light’ in the company of its New Media artist creator, Joseph Klibansky.


Back in Pointe aux Cannoniers, Imaaya is both art gallery and boutique, created by an artist with the aim of helping other contemporary Mauritian artists showcase their work and stay true to their own unique visions. Recent exhibitions include a retrospective by respected Mauritian painter and visual arts professor Khalid Nazroo. Meanwhile, Imaaya creative boutique stocks some of the best local crafts in Mauritius, and Imaaya l’atelier art workshops focus on creative expression for both children and adults.

Galerie du Moulin Cassé

Galerie du moulin casse

Galerie du Moulin Cassé is one of the island’s best known galleries, primarily featuring the distinctive paintings of Malcolm de Chazal and the nature photographs of Diane Henry in its two permanent exhibitions. Aside from the art, the unusual location in a former sugar mill surrounded by tropical gardens is equally appealing. And once inside, remember to look up – the fabulous vaulted ceiling is lined with thousands of terracotta pots.

Galerie Hélène de Senneville

Bernard Debergh

In the 27 years since Galerie Hélène de Senneville opened in Pointe aux Cannoniers, this light and airy space has been devoted to supporting the work of Mauritian artists. Now, following a full renovation of the space, the art gallery – the first to open on Mauritius – is looking better than ever. Look out for brightly coloured abstracts and still lifes by Jocelyn Thomasse and beautiful landscapes by Bernard Debergh.


Photos: «Island of Light», Joseph Klibansky – Galerie du moulin cassé – «Retour de pêche», Bernard Debergh. 

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  2. BONJOUR, Hi I am a visual artist fr Malaysia wish to exhibit my work , a solo show, for either June 2015 or earlier than , or other dates availabe for a week or 2 , pls assist.

    Merhci, Thank you,,,,

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  3. And what about Didus Art Gallery in Caudal Waterfront, on the Mauritian market since fifteen years?

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  4. I am any artsin south African I want to have any exhibit my work with you.I do stone carving.can you send me your email address so that i can forward you images of my work.Maybe we can do business.

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  5. I am an artist from Zimbabwe, I am interested in possibly starting to sell my work in Mauritius, could you maybe give me contact details for the person to speak to. Many thanks Kind regards

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  6. Hi, am an artist based in cultural city of osogbo, osun state, Nigeria. I specialize on beads paintings and oil paintings on canvas. I am interested for any available art exhibition in Maritius. Regards!