Wild Mauritius

Mauritius may bring to mind luxury all-inclusive resorts but the beauty of the island is that there’s so much variety available for different types of traveller.


As a recent article in The Guardian ‘The wild Mauritius coast: a real taste of paradise’ points out from their experience of staying at an eco-camp up high on the tranquil Otentic Mountain, the forest and wildlife are all incredible to discover.

By day, white-tailed tropicbirds soar over the forest canopy, macaque monkeys screech from the guava trees (which also shelter shy wild boar) and, in the distance, the occasional yacht drifts across the limpid turquoise sea.

“As night falls, tawny Mauritian fruit bats swoop to feast in the trees and the mountainside buzzes with a frog chorus.”

Read the full article here.

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